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Our connected dispenser is loaded with knowledge and even suggests meal pairings making it effortless to learn about the wines you love

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Our revolutionary wine system does more than keep wines fresh. It also helps you learn about what you're sipping, recommends wines you'll like, and lets you order more. Become a member for exclusive offers and personalized wine selections delivered to your door.

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We're traveling the globe to bring you the world's best wines. Our portfolio is always growing and every wine is hand picked by our team of experts, including a master sommelier.


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  • It (is) great to be able to open 2-4 bottles at a time and do a little taste-testing.

    Evan B.

  • I like Chardonnay but he's more of a Sauvignon Blanc person. We don't generally like to open multiple bottles of wine. Now we're having wine more week nights and you know, trying more than one bottle.

    Josh & Victor

  • My girlfriend and I really like the wine and the Kuvée bottle is really cool. It is perfect for our situation because we only drink a glass or two a few nights a week.

    Mark G.

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  • I suddenly found myself with the amazing freedom to toss back as much or as little as I wanted, without a care in the world. So badass.

  • A modern approach to the classic problem of leftover libations.

  • Brilliant

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  • Are you like my wife and I where we can never finish a full bottle and we end up pouring some wine out? This will prevent all of that, and more.

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