Uncork Possibilities

Now you can feel free to enjoy whatever glass of wine you truly want, whenever you want it.

looping muted video of the Kuvée magically pouring multiple wines

Uncork Flexibility

Effortlessly keep multiple bottles open at the same time without fear of wastage.

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Uncork Freshness

Every glass tastes as good as the first pour for 30 days.

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Uncork Knowledge

We’ll guide you to learn about your wines as you enjoy them.

Ready to Uncork?

Our revolutionary connected wine dispenser does more than keep wines fresh. It also teaches you about what you're sipping, recommends wines you'll like, and lets you order more.

Uncork greatness

We're traveling the globe to bring you the world's best wines. Our portfolio is always growing and every wine is hand picked by our team of experts, including a master sommelier.


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