Introducing our winning combination.

Kuvée delivers personally-selected wines in our FreshPour™ bottles so you can enjoy a glass today from the bottle you opened last week or earlier this month.

  • Best wines in the world

    Curated wines where quality always exceeds price. Some are tried and true, others up and coming.

  • Personally selected shipments

    With your real-time input, we learn and evolve your custom recommendations.

  • On your terms

    Take a sip, have a glass or finish the bottle. Our FreshPour™ bottles give you the freedom to enjoy wine on your terms.

  • No gotchas

    Wines delivered monthly or every other. Control, change or pause anytime. No really.

  • Kuvée gives me the everyday flexibility I want. I can drink by the glass to suit my mood and my meal. And I can offer guests something I know they will like when they visit.

    Deb. K.

  • With Kuvée, I always have two bottles open: one red and one white.

    Samantha R.

  • I can enjoy a glass and put it away and know that in a few days it will be the same quality, and that's really important.

    Stephanie S.

looping muted video of user interface on the Kuvée bottle screen
Connected dispenser

Smarter with every sip.

Kuvée knows wine. It will tell you what you’re drinking, where it’s from, and even suggest pairings.
Yep, scary smart.

Wine bottles

Designed for
maximum deliciousness.

Our wine bottles are specifically engineered to click into the Kuvée dispenser for pouring, learning and then sealing back off for fresh keeping.

wine bottle
Winery partners

Meet our partners
in wine.

To say we’re proud of the quality and growing number of winemakers who have joined the Kuvée family—well, that would be an understatement. Each and every partner helps to make the Kuvée system a true wine experience.

Select the risk-free plan that’s right for you.

With hand-selected wines delivered to your door, the only questions left are how many and how often? Adjust or cancel your membership at any time.