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Introducing our extraordinary winery partners.

We’re incredibly proud to have such a stellar group of wineries to call our partners. Our shared focus on quality and appreciation for innovation as a way to advance the wine experience are truly remarkable. Together, we’re more committed than ever to helping you discover and try amazing wines at a great value.

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Very excited about Kuvée! Even after being open for 30 days, each wine’s taste profile delivers just as we intended. That’s huge for us and our customers.

Marco Digiulio

Chief Winemaker, Vintage Wine Estates

Muscular arm, very hairy, pounds a giant bung into the wine hole

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Kenwood Vineyards

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Connected dispenser

Our revolutionary wi-fi-connected dispenser not only delivers an incredible glass of wine, it lets you learn about new wines. Plus you can rate your wine as you sip—right from the bottle.

Wine bottles

One reason our winery partners love our advanced bottle design is that it keeps their wine fresh and delicious after being open for 30 days. So you can have whatever glass of wine you want, whenever you want it.

Receive a Kuvée system, including a 4-bottle wine bundle from some of our incredible winemakers.

Get a Kuvée and enjoy a new, customized wine bundle sent to your doorstep every month.

Select a single bottle or a bundle from any of our wonderful winemakers.