Shipped by the month. Sipped by the glass.

Kuvée will totally change the way you experience wine. Every month, we ship you wines you know and love in our FreshPour™ bottles, so you can enjoy them by the glass — at your own pace, on your own terms.

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Collection of wines
Monthly membership plan
Includes 4-wine introductory bundle + Kuvée wine dispenser, yours to keep after 12 monthly wine shipments*. Pay 1 cent shipping. Cancel, pause, or change at anytime.
*If dispenser is not returned within 12 months, your account will be charged $120.
No Membership Plan
Includes 4 wine-bundle + Kuvée wine dispenser, yours to keep. After that, buy wine as you go. Normal shipping prices apply.
*If dispenser is not returned within 12 months, your account will be charged $120.

Risk-Free Membership with Flexibility

As a Kuvée member (or as we’ll lovingly call you, a Kuvéer), you can choose to receive 4, 8, or 12 wines every month or every other month. Whatever you decide, the shipping cost is always just 1 cent. And again, you can cancel, pause or change at anytime. How awesome is that?

Kuvée: a new way to wine.

Kuvée frees you to enjoy wine by the glass or have multiple bottles open at once — and keeps it fresh for longer. It continually learns what you like based on your ratings on the wines you've tried and recommends other wines you'll love.

  • I suddenly found myself with the amazing freedom to toss back as much or as little as I wanted, without a care in the world. So badass.

  • A modern approach to the classic problem of leftover libations.

  • Brilliant

  • Get your hands on Kuvée

  • Are you like my wife and I where we can never finish a full bottle and we end up pouring some wine out? This will prevent all of that, and more.

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