2015 Solace Rosé


2015 Solace Rosé

Bright, fresh, light and super drinkable. Made for pool lounge chairs and patios.

By Winemaker Julien Fayard

Vintage: 2015

Varietal: Rosé

Appellation: California

Composition: 100% Syrah

Our focus is to produce the most exquisite rosé in California. Therefore, we do not practice the "saignée" method, which is a French word that means "to bleed". A small portion of juice is bled away from the skins to make rosé and the remaining portion will produce another red wine with that specific grape varietal. Saignée gives rosé more color yet also more tannins, which is not ideal for such a delicate and refreshing wine.

Alcohol Content: 13.5% by volume